The Impact of FIFA 18 vs FIFA 19

FIFA 18 and FIFA 19 are both the popular FIFA series of football (soccer) video games developed by EA Sports. While they share similarities, there are several key differences between the two. Here’s a comparison of FIFA 18 and FIFA 19:

  • Gameplay: FIFA 19 introduced several gameplay enhancements compared to FIFA 18. FIFA 19 featured a new “Active Touch System” that improved player control and responsiveness, allowing for more precise and realistic ball touches. It also introduced the “Timed Finishing” mechanic, which added a layer of skill and precision to shooting by requiring players to time their shot button presses correctly for more accurate shots.


  • Champions League Integration: FIFA 19 obtained the official license for the UEFA Champions League, allowing for authentic Champions League presentation, graphics, and gameplay. This integration included official branding, tournament-specific commentary, and broadcast overlays, enhancing the realism and authenticity of the Champions League experience in the game. FIFA 18 did not have this official license.


  • Dynamic Tactics: FIFA 19 introduced the Dynamic Tactics system, enabling players to customize their team’s tactical approach during matches. This feature allowed for greater control over the team’s playing style, formations, player positioning, and strategies based on specific game situations. FIFA 18 did not have this level of tactical customization.


  • Presentation and Atmosphere: FIFA 19 aimed to enhance the overall match atmosphere with improved crowd animations, realistic player celebrations, and enhanced stadium visuals. Additionally, the inclusion of the UEFA Champions League license brought authentic Champions League commentary and presentation elements to the game.


  • Game Modes: Both FIFA 18 and FIFA 19 featured popular game modes such as Career Mode, Ultimate Team, Online Multiplayer, and various tournament options. However, FIFA 19 introduced new features and enhancements within these modes, such as the addition of Division Rivals in Ultimate Team and improvements to player transfers and negotiations in Career Mode.


  • Graphics and Player Models: FIFA 19 saw improvements in graphics and player models compared to FIFA 18. The game featured more realistic player faces, improved animations, and better overall visual fidelity, contributing to a more visually impressive experience.


Overall, FIFA 19 built upon the foundation of FIFA 18, introducing gameplay enhancements, the official UEFA Champions League license, and improvements in presentation and game modes. These additions aimed to provide a more realistic, immersive, and feature-rich football gaming experience.


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