Creating a Team in FIFA Mobile: A Step-by-Step Guide

In FIFA Mobile, you have the ability to create and customize your own team within certain limitations. Here are the general steps to create a team in FIFA:

  • Choose a Game Mode: FIFA Mobile offers various game modes where you can create and use your custom team. The most common mode is FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), where you can build a team using player cards. Other game modes like Career Mode or Kick-Off may also allow you to create custom teams to some extent.


  • Select a Formation: Choose a formation for your team. Formations determine the positioning and roles of players on the field. Different formations offer different tactical setups, so choose one that suits your play style.


  • Customize Team Name and Kit: In FIFA Mobile, you can typically customize your team’s name, kit design, and colors. You can select from pre-designed kits or create your own custom kit using available templates and customization options.


  • Build Your Squad: Depending on the game mode, you will need to acquire players to build your team. In FIFA Ultimate Team, for example, you collect player cards through packs, transfers, or auctions. You can search for players based on their attributes, position, league, nationality, and more.


  • Manage Tactics and Player Roles: Set up your team’s tactics, including playing style, formations, and individual player instructions. You can adjust the team’s defensive and attacking strategies, as well as assign specific roles and responsibilities to each player.


  • Play Matches and Progress: Once your team is created, you can compete in matches and tournaments against AI-controlled teams or other players online. By winning matches, you earn rewards and progress in the game, unlocking additional content and improving your team.


It’s important to note that the extent of team creation and customization may vary depending on the specific FIFA game and game mode you are playing. While FIFA provides customization options, they may have limitations compared to the discontinued Creation Centre feature in older versions of the game.

Please refer to the specific FIFA Mobile game and game mode you are playing for more detailed instructions on how to create and customize your team.


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