Mastering Squad Management in FIFA Mobile

Effective squad management in FIFA Mobile is crucial for building a strong and competitive team. Here are some tips to help you manage your squad effectively:

  1. Focus on Chemistry: Building good chemistry among your players is important in FIFA Mobile. Try to select players from the same league, club, or nationality to maximize chemistry. This will provide in-game bonuses and improve the overall performance of your team.
  2. Upgrade Your Players: Invest in training and upgrading your players to improve their attributes and overall ratings. Use training XP and coins to boost their performance on the pitch. Regularly assess your squad and prioritize upgrading key players to maintain a competitive edge.
  3. Rotate Your Squad: Avoid overusing the same players in every match. Rotate your squad to manage player fatigue and prevent injuries. Use substitutes and reserves effectively to maintain freshness and balance within your team.
  4. Choose the Right Formation: Experiment with different formations to find the one that best suits your playing style and the strengths of your players. Different formations offer different tactical options and strategies. Adjust your formation based on the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents.
  5. Utilize Player Roles and Specialties: Each player has unique specialties and player roles that reflect their playing style and preferred positions. Utilize these roles to build a team that complements each other’s strengths. For example, pair a target man striker with wingers who excel at crossing.
  6. Set Up Custom Tactics: FIFA Mobile allows you to set up custom tactics for your team. Customize your attacking and defensive strategies, player positioning, and playing style to suit your preferred approach. Experiment with different tactics to find the right balance for your squad.
  7. Monitor Player Contracts: Keep an eye on player contracts and ensure that they are renewed when necessary. Running out of contracts will render the player unable to participate in matches until their contract is renewed. Manage your contracts well to avoid any disruptions in your squad.
  8. Scout and Sign New Players: Continuously scout for new players to improve your squad. Participate in events, open packs, and explore the transfer market to find players that fit your team’s needs. Be on the lookout for players with desirable attributes and good potential for development.
  9. Stay Active in the Market: Take advantage of the transfer market to buy and sell players. Monitor player prices, identify undervalued players, and look for opportunities to strengthen your squad. Be patient when selling players to maximize their market value.
  10. Participate in Events and Challenges: Engage in events and challenges to earn rewards and unlock new player cards. These rewards can enhance your squad and provide you with valuable resources for upgrades and improvements.

Remember, squad management is an ongoing process. Regularly evaluate your squad, make adjustments, and strive to improve your team’s overall quality and chemistry. Adapt your strategies based on your play style and the changing dynamics of FIFA Mobile.


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