FIFA Mobile Player Ratings: An In-Depth Analysis

Player ratings play a significant role in FIFA Mobile, as they determine the overall quality and performance of players in the game. Here’s some information about player ratings in FIFA Mobile:

  1. Overall Rating (OVR): Each player in FIFA Mobile is assigned an overall rating, also known as OVR. This rating is an aggregate value that represents a player’s overall skill level and performance. It takes into account various attributes such as speed, shooting, passing, dribbling, defending, and physicality.
  2. Base Rating: The base rating is the starting overall rating of a player in FIFA Mobile. It reflects the player’s abilities without any boosts or modifications applied. Base ratings can vary based on a player’s real-world performance, reputation, and position.
  3. Player Program and Special Cards: FIFA Mobile introduces special player cards with enhanced ratings known as player programs or special cards. These cards are often released to celebrate real-world events, such as Team of the Week (TOTW), Team of the Season (TOTS), or other promotions. These special cards have higher ratings than their base versions and offer unique in-game advantages.
  4. Position-Specific Ratings: In addition to overall ratings, FIFA Mobile assigns position-specific ratings to players. These ratings reflect a player’s suitability and effectiveness in specific positions on the field. For example, a striker may have a higher rating for shooting and finishing, while a defender may have a higher rating for defending and physicality.
  5. Training and Skill Boosts: FIFA Mobile allows players to train and develop their players to increase their ratings. Training involves using training XP and coins to improve a player’s attributes, which in turn raises their overall rating. Additionally, skill boosts can be applied to individual players to enhance specific attributes and further improve their performance.
  6. Chemistry and Team Building: Chemistry plays a role in FIFA Mobile and can affect player ratings. Building a team with good chemistry, such as players from the same league, club, or nationality, can provide boosts to player ratings and overall team performance.
  7. Dynamic Player Ratings: FIFA Mobile may release regular updates to player ratings based on real-world performance and transfers. These updates ensure that player ratings reflect the current form and abilities of real-life players.

It’s important to note that player ratings in FIFA Mobile are subject to updates and adjustments throughout the game’s lifecycle.

Please keep in mind that specific details about player ratings and their impact on gameplay may vary with each new version and update of FIFA Mobile.


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