Events and Tournaments in FIFA Mobile: Get Ready to Play!

In FIFA Mobile, events and tournaments offer additional gameplay opportunities and rewards. These special activities are often tied to real-world football events, milestones, or promotions. Participating in events and tournaments can provide unique challenges, exclusive rewards, and a chance to test your skills against other players. Here’s an overview of events and tournaments in FIFA Mobile:

  1. Program Events: Program events are time-limited events that revolve around specific themes, such as international competitions, holidays, or featured leagues. These events introduce special activities, matches, and objectives for players to complete. By participating and completing event-specific tasks, you can earn rewards, including player cards, coins, XP, and event-specific items.
  2. Team of the Week (TOTW): Team of the Week events highlight the best-performing players from real-world football matches that week. During TOTW events, you have the opportunity to earn TOTW player cards by completing challenges related to the featured players’ performances. These player cards often have boosted ratings compared to their base versions.
  3. Team of the Season (TOTS): Team of the Season events celebrate the best players of the football season from various leagues around the world. TOTS events typically offer special player cards with significantly upgraded ratings, representing the standout performers of the season. Participating in TOTS events allows you to earn TOTS player cards and other rewards.
  4. Icons Events: Icons events focus on legendary football players from the past. These events give you the chance to earn iconic player cards, representing football legends with boosted ratings. Completing specific tasks and challenges related to the featured Icons can reward you with these prestigious player cards.
  5. Tournament Events: FIFA Mobile occasionally introduces tournament-style events that mimic real-world competitions. These events may follow formats such as knockout tournaments or group stages. By progressing through the tournament brackets and winning matches, you can earn rewards and advance to higher stages.
  6. Seasonal Events: FIFA Mobile often includes seasonal events tied to holidays and special occasions. These events may feature unique activities, themed rewards, and festive content to celebrate the season. Participating in seasonal events allows you to earn holiday-themed player cards, coins, and other rewards.
  7. Community Events: Community events engage the FIFA Mobile player community by setting collective goals or challenges. Players work together to achieve milestones, and the collective efforts unlock rewards for all participants. These events promote community interaction and collaboration.

It’s important to note that the availability and specific details of events and tournaments may vary over time, as FIFA Mobile regularly updates its content to provide fresh experiences and reflect real-world football events. It’s recommended to regularly check the in-game events section for the latest information on ongoing and upcoming events in FIFA Mobile.

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