The Comparison of FIFA 16 vs FIFA 17

FIFA 16 and FIFA 17 are both the popular FIFA series of football (soccer) video games developed by EA Sports. While they share similarities, there are several key differences between the two. Here’s a comparison of FIFA 16 and FIFA 17:

  • Gameplay: FIFA 17 introduced the “Frostbite” game engine, which resulted in significant gameplay improvements compared to FIFA 16. FIFA 17 featured more realistic player movement, enhanced physicality, improved set-piece controls, and more precise passing mechanics. The introduction of the new game engine aimed to provide a more immersive and authentic gameplay experience.


  • The Journey: FIFA 17 introduced “The Journey” mode, a story-driven single-player campaign that follows the career of a young footballer named Alex Hunter. The mode allowed players to guide Alex Hunter’s journey, making decisions that affect his career and personal life. The Journey mode was not present in FIFA 16.


  • Graphics and Presentation: FIFA 17 saw graphical improvements over FIFA 16. The introduction of the Frostbite engine allowed for enhanced player models, more realistic stadiums, improved lighting, and improved facial animations. These improvements contributed to a more visually impressive and immersive presentation.


  • Game Modes: Both FIFA 16 and FIFA 17 featured popular game modes such as Career Mode, Ultimate Team, Online Multiplayer, and various tournament options. However, FIFA 17 introduced the new story mode, The Journey, which was a significant addition to the game’s lineup of modes.


  • Licenses and Leagues: FIFA 17 expanded its licensed content compared to FIFA 16, with the addition of new leagues, teams, and player licenses. For example, FIFA 17 featured the inclusion of the J1 League in Japan for the first time, along with its respective teams and players.


  • Set-Piece Rewrite: FIFA 17 introduced a new set-piece system, allowing for more control and creativity during set-piece situations. Players had greater control over free kicks, penalties, and corners, with the ability to aim precisely, control run-up speed, and add spin to the ball.


Overall, FIFA 17 introduced significant improvements in gameplay, presentation, and game modes compared to FIFA 16. The introduction of the Frostbite engine and The Journey mode were major additions that aimed to enhance the overall experience of the game.


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